Basically all industrial lighting fixtures manufactured by TheusLED are available in versions with controllable power supplies. Using lighting automation systems provides further, significant savings in terms of electricity consumption.


With PROMETHEUS fittings you can save up to 75% on power costs. Additional 10-15% savings is provided by the use of technically advanced automation systems for luminous intensity control.

System 1 – 10 V

Na prostą automatykę sterującą natężeniem oświetlenia składają się:

Więcej informacji na temat systemu wraz z opisem działania systemu wykorzystującego czujki ruchu można znaleźć w naszym artykule: Niezawodny system sterowania oświetleniem LED.

The DALI system

The DALI control system is based on digital signals.

Czujki ruchu – mniejsze zużycie energii

In sections of buildings with low traffic (e.g. in halls of high storage warehouses), an ideal solution to reduce the energy consumption is to use the motion sensors. Devices with increased range (EE-MMSS) in IP65 body can control the area of a circle with a diameter of up to 18 m from a height of up to 12 m. After any motion is detected, they switch control between two luminosities/fitting power levels used for stand-by and normal operation mode.

Full option of configuring:

Bus controller – higher environmental protection

Bus controller 1-10VDC has two control outputs, RW and SW, regulated with potentiometers within 1 to 10 VDC. These outputs are used to control DIM signal of lighting fittings. Usually, bus controllers co-operate with motion sensors.

Voltage level at SW output sets the power supply of fittings, adapted to the situation when there are no persons within the controlled area. Lighting fittings operate in a dim mode in this case. RW voltage level sets the luminous power of fittings, required in case when any persons are detected within the controlled area. Fittings are switched into operation mode with full luminous intensity.

Then, SW and RW signals can control separately fittings two zones. Bus controller also has an input for connection of lighting sensor. In case when this sensor is connected, it controls the voltage of RW signal. Minimum voltage level on RW line below which the sensor will not reduce the voltage is set with RW potentiometer.

Bus distributor – energy economy and comfort

Additional possibility to save energy while maintaining a high comfort of lighting is given by the use of bus distributors. These are mainly use for lighting of long transport routes. Worker’s movement causes illumination of a group of fittings. There is no need to fully illuminate the whole length of the transport route and a person moving along the alley is provided with comfort lighting everywhere within its work place.

Lighting sensors – lower operation costs

Rooms that are reached by daylight via windows or skylights will benefit from the use of lighting sensors to highly reduce the energy consumption. They maintain the level of lighting intensity within the controlled area at pre-set value by controlling the voltage of DIM signal/fittings power. Lighting sensors can directly control DIM inputs of a fittings group or co-operate with bus controllers 1-10 VDC (EE-SDIM).

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